Passive Thermal Protection for pharmaceutical transportation.

Our sole mission is to safeguard your temperature and moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals, OTC medications, and medical devices from spoilage during air, transoceanic and ground shipping. Spoilage carries high financial costs and may even affect brand and customer loyalty. Let us show you how SureTemp® proprietary solutions can guard against the loss of your valuable cargo and ensure its safe arrival.

Ensuring Efficacy

During the shipping cycle – at origin, destination and transshipment points – pallets loaded with pharmaceutical products can sit outdoors and in uncontrolled-temperature warehouses for several hours. In the open air, pallets and their contents can heat up through solar radiation. Ambient temperatures – both outdoors and indoors – that are higher than the minimum temperature specified for a product can also destroy product efficacy. Similarly, ambient temperatures – both outdoors and indoors – that are lower than the minimum temperature specified for a product can cause the product to become ineffective.

To protect pharmaceutical products in transit, thermal pallet covers act as barriers, decreasing the rate of temperature change. A cover with the least amount of emissivity – one that best inhibits energy transfer – offers the highest level of protection and significantly reduces the risk of temperature excursions. The end goal is to ensure that the products arrive at their destination intact and with no loss of efficacy.

Velcro Corners
Embossed METPET with Hollow Fiber Insulation
Optional BOL window

SureTemp® Pallet Cover

Thermal Pallet Covers are the most reliable protection that shippers turn to when looking to minimize temperature excursions and maintain cold chain protection for both LTL & Air shipments.

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SureTemp® Container Blanket

Container Blankets are the most reliable insulating cargo blankets that shippers continue to turn to when looking for temperature stability for full truck load (FTL) OTR shipments.

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SureTemp® Container Liner

Transoceanic Container Liners are a protective foil liner application, fitted to any standard dry ocean shipping containers. Designed to insulate and protect against radiant infrared heat transfer, container rain, and cargo sweat.

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